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Beta Steel is the office furniture and contract branch of the Boschetti Armando Group. It has always been a strategic partner for several companies in the office market, both for the production of standard furnishings and for customized items. For years Beta Steel has been close to its customers and to designers for the development of office furniture and for the customization of their own collections.
Nowadays it has taken up the current challenges by proposing new furniture products which are specifically studied for meeting the present-day office standards. In fact, the evolution of the office environment is focusing on the creation of new spaces and new ways of co-working: smart office, desk sharing, temporary office, in-between areas, etc. At the same time, there is a stronger need to respect personal privacy, to create quality space with ergonomic furniture and acoustic comfort and, especially, to improve well-being in working spaces.
The will to develop different furnishing systems, which are flexible and in tune with the new needs of the workers, has also led to renew and refresh the most traditional and standard products that have always been the core business of Beta Steel, such as the storage systems.
For this reason Beta Steel is proposing new “personal and customizable” lockers, mobile elements for “touch and go” stations or “desk sharing”, complementary furniture and embeddable components as an aid and an improvement for better efficiency in work or production. Therefore flexibility, sharing, assembling and reshaping of the various modules have become necessary for designing both new work environments and the furniture elements without forgetting a careful attention to details and to a proper design, new chromatic or finishing choices and the customization of accessories.
In such a complex scenario the metal furniture can be a “plus” which is really important for those who must take into account different design choices and their consequences: every product is immediately and totally fireproof, with high durability in time compared to the medium life of the standard furniture products, completely recyclable and ecologically sustainable.