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Every item of the Idea line has been developed with the following conception: a minimalist design, great care and attention to details, the development and the insertion of specific furnishings for creating a smart office environment.
This furniture line too is made of glossy DC01EN-10130 metal sheets of different thickness and coated with epoxy-polyester powders in standard or customizable colors. Nevertheless, every item of the Idea line has its own distinctive feature: a profile perimeter with a 6 mm corner radius, which constitutes its in-view frame and which, in the cabinets and lockers, becomes its identifying symbol.
Such family of products is intended to be developed and integrated with new elements in the near future, in order to respond to the new and always changing demands of the office world. Functional and integrated accessories, technical and technological customized details, new complementary items will certainly be added to the Idea line in order to make it more and more complete.

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